Making Incremental Encoders
Customer Activity 1

Requirements: Requirements: withstand a constraining environment. The encoders are intended to be used near a continuous casting, in a steel industry.
Estimated temperature: 170 °C

Solution : Development of a bearing with increased radial clearance, Barrierta L55 / 2 grease lubrication from Kluber ® and integration of viton ® seals

Roller Manufacturing for Outdoor Applications
Customer Activity 2

Requirements : to resist corrosion, including salt spray, which hardened stainless steel does not guarantee.

Solution : development of a zinc-nickel plated roller from the Coventya ® formular. The roller favorably passed the test of 600 hours in salt spray.

Overmoulded sealed bearings for the manufacture of casters.
Customer Activity 3

Requirements : no longer pollute the injection mold by degassing the storage oil usually applied to any bearing, and limit the bleeding of the grease in the bearing that supports a few moments at a high injection temperature.

Solution : Delivery in industrial packaging of “dry” bearings (not oiled) and greased with Kyodo Yushi Multemp ® grease (+ 150 °C) (+ 150°)

manufacture of interlocking mechanisms, on a mechanical assembly
Customer activity 4

Requirement : the rollers on axes press on cams and are very heavily loaded. In fact, the rolling bodies are full complement needles, without cages, and can be disassembled accidentally during their handling.
The rate of loss of needles, so discarded, on the customer’s assembly line, can reach 6%!

Solution : the washer closing the roller was free to move previously and is now attached to the axis by tight fitting. The washer become non-removable, and eliminates all problems on the production line .

Production of Closing Systems
Customer Activity 5

Problem : optimize a normal ball bearing (sealed) used in pure axial load.

Solution : elaboration of a sealed ball bearing with 45 ° contact angle.
The direction of assembly is indicated by different colors of the seals (black and red) and is a key on the assembly line.

The application list is not exhaustive, but we are sure that it will be an inspiration to improve yours!