Bearing specialist since 1977

Our customers are mainly manufacturers integrating components for their new equipment (OE / OEM ). We determine the level of quality required by the customer, and arrange manufacturing with partner factories in China.

We import and store dedicated references , and make deliveries according to the needs of our customers .
CRD is a subsidiary of the RUBIX group, the leading player in industrial supply in France.


Our philosophy:
Application under control,
a suitable product,
An optimized price

  • Understand and analyze your needs
  • Offer technical and productivity improvements
  • Freeze solutions by precise specifications
  • Contractualize a logistics agreement
  • Keep each of your references in stock
  • Deliver according to the needs of your company


Our expertise, Your guarantee

Bearing components need to be classified according to the requirements of the applications:

For the so-called “handling” applications:

Ball bearings subject to heavy loads, and low speeds:
The components are 100 Cr6 steel and comply with the standards of tolerance, accuracy, play, calculation of load capacity. These bearings are considered as general product and they can meet your expectations of competitiveness.

Applications :handling rollers, concrete mixers, castors, conveying rollers, garden machinery …

For so-called “high demands” applications:

Construction incorporating improved components (highest grade balls, higher performance grease) as well as a very high degree of finishing (super finishing of the tracks). For quiet operation application, vibration control is done as per Norm (db or μm / s). In this context, we assign for each reference a partner factory approved by the customer. The product is subject to a plan, guaranteeing a fixed and durable construction. High performance and stable “EMQ” quality is only possible through factories with automated production lines.

Applications : electric motors, gearboxes, ventilation, spindles, pumps …