Ensure availability

To meet your logistic expectations, CRD has a weekly shipment of container from China (every Friday).

CRD chooses to buy FOB, in order to guarantee to its customers the mastery of its arrivals. This reliability is achieved through long-term relationships with a successful forwarder.

Our storage platform located at Echirolleshas (38) has a capacity of 1250 European pallets. The average level of stock dedicated to contractual agreements with our clients represents around 350 tonnes of goods. On the components “ball joints and rod ends” we are recognized, through our availability, as the largest French stockist, in quantity and range(stored up to diameter 320 mm).

In total, the olumes annually processed on the market of “OE” represent more than 1300 tons and positioned CRD as the first player on the market. Our daily shipments are made by courier (parcels and multi-pallets) and if necessary by express.

When signing an agreement with a customer, the time required to build a stock on our platform at Echirolles(38) is about 4 months (10 weeks of production and 6 weeks of sea ​​transport).
For bearings according to plan, the production time can be 12 weeks. Once the stock is set up, the delivery time is generally 48 to 72 hours for metropolitan France.
We also ship to European customers with production sites outside France.

If you have production sites outside Europe , we know how to meet your supply needs, through a dedicated structure near Shanghai. In connection with your local factories, our team in China ensures the same level of service and quality of the components, as defined with your design office in France, integrates your forecasts and ensures the start of manufacturing, delivery, until billing in RMB.


CRD can offer industrialization solutions to meet your needs.

Marking and packaging
Adapted packaging : individual, industrial, bulk
Specific packaging
Custom Labeling